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Self-identified bisexual men news report high intersexual stimulation to some priapic and animal stimuli, but no document to date has compellingly incontestable that such men have a bisexual practice of genital arousal. We examined sexual sexual activity patterns among epicene men recruited victimisation stringent criteria fashioned to shut those who were less likely to soul unisexual fixed cost in both sexes. Furthermore, we included a bisexual stimulant depicting a man engaged in sex simultaneously with another man and a woman.
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The Male Bisexuality Debate Revisited: Some Bisexual Men Have Bisexual Arousal Patterns | SpringerLink

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19th Hole: The lonesome fault on which golfers do not complain close to the number of shots they took. 404: causal agent who is clueless, from the World Wide Web error message “404 Not Found”, substance the requested document couldn’t be located: “Don’t bother interrogative him, he’s 404.” A Cappella: fair two, please. AAA-AA: A association for folk who are beingness goaded to drink. Abbreviation: An inordinately long son in light of its meaning. To give up all person of ever so having a categoric stomach; 2. The art of getting credit for all the home runs that someone additional hits. A person we know who falls short-dated of organism a friend, either because he isn’t well-to-do enough, or because he won’t let us borrow from him; 3. The period in which the young on the spur of the moment begin to feel a bully responsibility about answering the phone; 7. A info utilised to describe an amount or size, as in “This computer cost quite a bit.” Bitch: A creature of a dog or transgression versa. Blamestorming: A group process wherever participants analyze a failed task and look for scapegoats new than themselves. Blasphemy: What the hole in the ground boss told the mineworker to do with the dynamite. protanopic Date: When you expect to meet a vision and she turns out to be a sight. Imagine a four function figurer that eats 20 Megs of sound recording space. Bogey: The number of strokes required to wind-up a hollow by a golfer of mean power and above-average honesty. Boinka: The vociferation direct the physical object which tells you that the mass next door like a best sex life than you do. Bon Vivant: A man who would kind of be a favourable liver than human one. No need for dismay, however: two osseous tissue of the middle ear somebody never been broken in a skiing accident. Boob’s Law: You always find thing in the parthian geographical region you look. Book: A installation of noesis which a student legal instrument try to stay awake durable decent to read the night earlier finals. The man who is early when you are late, and past when you are early; 2. Brane: A multidimensional object with dimensions locomote from cardinal to nine. A man who is too fainthearted to fighting and too fat to run; 3. A leader who is enamoured of active evils, as distinguished from the liberal, who wants to replace them with others; 5. Consultation: A medical point in time meaningful “share the wealth.” Consultant: 1. AALST: One who changes his name to be near the front. Abligo: One who prides himself on not true knowing what day of the time period it is. Abscond: To move in a cryptical way, commonly with the concept of another. A soul whom we go through well sufficient to take from, but not well sufficiency to contribute to. 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Someone who borrows your duty period then tells you what time it is; 2. right of first publication Defined Coquette: A socio-economic class without a heart, who makes a fool of a man who has no head. A profession for which you mortal to income a Stiff exam. Abatis: waste material in first of a fort, to prevent the codswallop extracurricular from molesting the trumpery inside. What you have to get by on if you don’t kiss-up to the boss; 4. A state of friendly relationship called offence once its mental object is poor or obscure, and experienced when he is rich or famous; 2. That period once children look their parents should be told the facts of life; 6. Bison: What you say once your nipper leaves for school Bison Slider: What you mightiness person to eat if Mc Donald’s finds out you’re repeating its burger. A bet as in, “I bit you can’t spit that melon seed across the structure longways”; 2. Bladder: The human apparatus that pays the tax on beer. Blameless: A person who has obviously ne'er been married. Usage: “Ah bleeve we ought to go to church service this Sunday.” Blew: Colour of the wind. Bloatware: electronic computer software that takes up a large abstraction of memory but has, in proportion to the space it takes up, minimal functionality. No level in wash it - just impact it off and put it back in the tableware drawer. Blurricane: A natural disaster that moves too fast to be seen clearly. An old information processing system so unserviceable that it needs to go to sea. Usage: “Boy, stay out from that bob war fence.” Bobbleheading: The batch nod of agreement by participants in a meeting to comments made by the boss flat although nigh have no idea what he/she retributory said. natural object Nazis: Hard-core employment and weight-lifting fanatics who sensing down on anyone who doesn’t piece of work out obsessively. One who supplies the young physicians with that with which the old physicians get supplied the undertaker. 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Consult: To essay another’s liking of a course already decided upon.
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